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Updates for Webservice and Bulk Upload User - 1/14/2008

If you are using web services, you will need to change your code to work with R19.  If you are using the Bulk Upload tool, you will need to download a new version after R19 is in Production.  I have copied our previous alert explaining the changes you should expect with this release.  Let us know if you have any questions.


There are two major changes you need to be aware of:


1)     Mastersites


In R19 we have added the concepts of Mastersites and site Aliases to the system.  This new functionality supports the fact that often multiple site codes exist within the system for the same physical site.  For example, both B&W and USG may have the same approved site, but each with its own site code.  This new functionality enables us to create a Mastersite for the physical location and Aliases for each of the individual site codes.  The system will now match on any of the related site codes (Master or any of the Aliases) and will treat them all the same.  So, if you happen to use the B&W site code on a USG claim, the system will resolve it in exactly the same way as if you used the USG site code.


We have done an initial analysis to create Mastersites and Aliases when we know they refer to the same physical location.  Going forward, if you think two sites should really be treated as the same, you can submit a request for that relationship to be researched and potentially linked.


In order to distinguish between an approved site and a master site, master sites are prefixed with the letter "M". This change does not require you to start using Mastersite codes because approved site codes are still accepted. The only change that will be required is updating your references to get the latest schema and use a string for the ApprovedSiteCode.


There is a new version of the bulk upload tool that reflects this change as well.

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